How do I buy a house in Jamaica NHT?

How much does NHT lend to buy house in Jamaica?

The NHT will grant a loan up to $2.5 million to each applicant to buy the land, subdivide it and install infrastructure.

Current Loan Limits (Updated May 2019)

Loan Type One Applicant With co-applicant (s)
House Lot* (Open Market) $2.5 Million* $5 Million*

How do I qualify for a NHT home?

Be between 18 and 65 years old; Have made at least 52 weekly contributions of which 13 must been have made in the last 26 weeks period, immediately before the date of application; Be a non-homeowner. Never accessed a loan from the NHT.

How do I qualify for a NHT grant?


  1. they must have contributed to the NHT for a minimum of 7 years.
  2. they must have made at least 52 weekly contributions; 13 of those contributions must have been made during the 26 weeks period leading up to the date of application.

How do I qualify for a mortgage in Jamaica?

The following are the basic requirements to qualify for a loan from the NHT: you should have identified the house that you wish to buy, have agreed on a price with the seller and drawn up a formal sale agreement, have the registered certificate of title for the property available, have made at least a 5 per cent …

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How do I start paying NHT?

Payments must be accompanied by completing a S01 form which is available on the TAJ website, which clearly identifies:

  1. The Employer, by the company name and complete address;
  2. The Employer’s National Insurance Reference number and Employer TRN;
  3. The month and year for which the payment is being made;

How long does it take to qualify for NHT?

If you have never contributed to the NHT, your waiting time to access a benefit upon registering with the NHT is 2 years. However, please note that your monthly contributions must be made on time for the 12 months immediately preceding the date of your loan application.

What are the benefits that the NHT offers?

What are the Benefits being Offered by the NHT?

  • Lowest interest rate on the market. The NHT has rates as low as 0% for certain income groups. …
  • 0% Mortgage. …
  • Refund of your Contributions. …
  • Loans to build not just to buy! …
  • Disability benefits.

At what age do you stop paying NHT in Jamaica?

Under Jamaican law, all persons between the ages of 18 and 65 years, who earn at least the minimum wage are required to make NHT contributions.

How do I get a government grant for housing?

Please visit for more information or to register. Register through Grants.Gov – Most of HUD’s discretionary grants are only available through Applicants interested in applying for HUD funds, must register with and, create a profile.

How are NHT points calculated?

Applicants are awarded 20 points for every 52 weeks (1 year) of contributions. If you were, for example, contributing for 10 years (the same as 520 weeks) then you would earn (20 points x 10 years = ) 200 points. Persons who earn less income earn more points in the selection system.

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What is Open Market House?

Open Market Housing

This is a term which refers to the homes available for sale which you can purchase and own, often financed by a mortgage and/or with a lump sum. If you have the financial resources available to you, you may wish to purchase a home on the open market.

How can I contribute to NHT Jamaica?

Pensioners who desire to contribute to the NHT are allowed to register as Voluntary Contributors. To qualify for loans, Voluntary Contributors must have paid 104 weeks (2 years) of contributions, of which 52 weeks (1 year) must be paid in the period leading up to the date of application.