Do I need a home inspection when buying a house?

The short answer is no, inspections are generally not required when using a mortgage loan to buy a house. But lenders almost always want to have an appraisal done before they will approve a home loan, in order to determine how much the house is worth.

Should you always get an inspection when buying a house?

We always recommend getting a full home inspection completed by a professional before removing conditions in your offer to purchase. … Tip: After receiving the home inspector’s written report, you can bring these issues to the seller’s attention and negotiate a better deal for your home.

Is it bad to not get a home inspection?

The risks of waiving a home inspection

Home inspections can uncover potentially hazardous items in a home—such as bad wiring, unsafe heating or cooling equipment, or even structural issues—that the average person won’t likely notice with a quick look around.

How much should a home inspection cost?

According to, an average home inspection for a single family home will cost between $300 and $500 — the current national average is $337. However, this number can vary depending on a wide range of factors, including location.

Who attends a home inspection?

Buyers should decide who attends a home inspection

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Real estate agents are normally the ones who coordinate home inspections. However, since it’s usually the buyer who hires a home inspector, circumstances often override the real estate agent’s preferences.

Why do sellers waive inspection?

Waiving an inspection lets a seller know you’re not going to ask for concessions for repairs. However, it puts you financially at risk because you don’t know what you don’t know. Waiving a home inspection essentially means you’re buying the home as-is. Any problems that may arise are yours to correct and pay for.

Can you lower your offer on a house after inspection?

Some buyers will waive the right to an inspection but may offer less. Others may offer more but plan to use the inspection to renegotiate the price. … You may accept the lower offer and move forward, or you may take the second offer but give the buyer a very short period of time to get the inspection done and completed.

What can fail a home inspection?

6 Surprising Things That Fail a Home Inspection

  • Radon Gas. Radon gas is a radioactive gas that’s caused by the decaying of uranium in the soil under a house. …
  • Structural Issues. …
  • Moisture in the Basement. …
  • Asbestos. …
  • Fireplace and Chimney Issues. …
  • Swimming Pool Issues.

How long does a home inspection take?

It depends upon the size of the home and the number of rooms. An average inspection takes about 2-2½ hours (1-1½ hours for a condo). The time is well-spent considering there are more than 500 components in the average home.

What is included in a home inspection?

A home inspector will look at things like a home’s foundation, structural components, roof, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, then provide a written home inspection report with results. … Buyers should attend the inspection so they can explore their new home in detail and ask questions during the process.

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How do I prepare for a home inspection?

Preparing for a Home Inspection: 10 Tips to Help You Get Ready

  1. Clean up. …
  2. Be sure to be on time. …
  3. Leave the power on. …
  4. Make room for the inspector to work. …
  5. Ignite your pilot light. …
  6. Ensure easy access to the attic, basement and garage. …
  7. Provide keys for exterior access. …
  8. Clean up the garden.