Quick Answer: Can you say family friendly in a real estate listing?

While you may not be allowed to say “family neighborhood” in your listing description, you can play up features that appeal to families. “You can mention family-friendly facts like the school district you’re in, or that the house has a family room, or playground equipment, or a nanny’s room.

Can you say family friendly in real estate?

She adds that you shouldn’t say your house is “family friendly” because it refers to the familial status of prospective buyers, which violates the federal fair housing law.

Is the word family a fair housing violation?

Under the Fair Housing Act, housing providers may not discriminate because of familial status. The Act provides an exemption from familial status discrimination for “housing for older persons,” which includes certain senior housing facilities and communities.

What should you not say at fair housing?

Similarly, there’s no proper use of words to indicate race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender, handicap, familial status or national origin.

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What information must be included in real estate advertising?

When you place a real estate ad in California, you must include the broker’s business name and information in a font size no smaller than the smallest front of the ad. You must also include your name and license number on all advertisements, signs, and stationery.

Why do you think some real estate advertisers use the word home more frequently than house?

Why do you think that real-estate advertisers use the word home more frequently than house? The various feelings, images, and memories that surround a word make up its connotation. Although both house and home have the same denotation, or dictionary meaning, home also has many connotations.

Can you use the word family in real estate advertising?

“Yes, we are not allowed to use the word ‘family’ in relation to real estate.” … Words are powerful, and certain words are not allowed to be used in advertising, or it could be a potential fair housing violation.

Is family status a protected class?

The Fair Housing Act (FHA) outlaws discrimination against tenants based on certain personal characteristics, commonly known as “protected classes.” The FHA added “familial status” as a protected class in 1989 to make sure that families with children aren’t treated differently when renting.

What is discrimination against familial status?

Familial Status Housing Discrimination

Under the FHA, familial status discrimination occurs when a landlord, property manager, real estate agent, or property owner treats someone differently because they have a family with one or more individuals who are under 18 years of age.

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What is the Fair Housing slogan?

The Fair Housing Act itself does not require the use of Equal Opportunity logo or slogan, “Equal Housing Opportunity,” in any ad. However, using the logo regularly is good evidence of the company’s commitment to fair housing compliance.

Is walk in closet offensive?

Obviously statements such as “no wheelchairs” are illegal. However, using phrases such as “great view,” “walk-in closets” or “walk to bus stop” is acceptable. … These are words or phrases that have been associated with discriminatory practices in the past.

What is redlining in real estate?

In the United States, redlining was a discriminatory practice in which services (financial and otherwise) were withheld from potential customers who resided in neighborhoods classified as ‘hazardous’ to investment; these residents largely belonged to racial and ethnic minorities.

Can Realtors post other agents listings on social media?

In general, state real estate law, the NAR Code of Ethics, and many MLS’s rules prohibit any advertising property listing information without the consent or authorization of the listing broker.

If you work for a national broker, use their logo when you’re new to real estate. … Leverage the recognition and trust associated with your brokerage’s brand while you work on building your own.

What is the best suggestion to give sellers when a showing is scheduled?

What is the best suggestion to give sellers when a showing is scheduled? Leave the property.