Question: What does AR stand for in real estate?

In real estate, AR lets potential buyers tour a property via their smartphones, regardless of their location. AR also lets real estate agents tweak the room’s design.

What does AR mean on MLS?

MLS Abbreviations

Code Description Format
AP Appliances/Features
APP Appliances
AR Area Number (see list at end of Section for Lake County Areas #
ASC Association Fee $

How AR and VR are changing the real estate industry?

With AR/VR technologies, real estate agencies can reach buyers at the global level. There will be no boundary restrictions when using technologies. These technologies will let buyers visualize how their property will look like. It helps buyers to build an emotional connection with the property.

What does can mean in real estate?

Properties that have the designation CAN have a cancelled contract between the agent and the owner before the contract period ended. Those that read EXP had the listing contract expire. The seller may have chosen not to sell.

What is PCH in real estate?

What does PCH mean? PCH is an acronym that is used for several things: reference to the Pacific Coast Highway in California and also Publisher’s Clearing House. In real-estate listings, PCH indicates a price change. Related words: road trip.

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What is W W closet?

W/W: Wall-to-Wall (as in W/W carpet or window or closet)

What does TBT mean in real estate?

Throwback Thursday (#TBT): Commercial Real Estate Tips for Landlords – MacRo Commercial Real Estate.

What does RR mean in real estate?

Real Estate Abbreviations

Abbreviation Description
RR Request for Repair
SBSA Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory
SPQ Seller Property Questionnaire
SPT Notice of Your Supplemental Property Tax Bill

What does CS mean in real estate?

CS) This home sale contingency is a little different. This means the person buying the property with the contingency must sell a home, and the home they must sell does not yet have an accepted offer on it. I’ll break this down a little more. Call the property you see marked as contingent Property #1.

What is AR development?

Augmented reality (AR) development platforms provide tools to create AR products that superimpose computer-generated images into the real world. AR software development tools allow developers to create, position, orient, and track virtual objects and their relationship to the real world.

How VR is used in real estate?

By simply putting on VR headsets, clients can experience immersive, three-dimensional walkthroughs of the properties. But not just walkthroughs—buyers can enter into space and measure the scale of the rooms, determine the height and texture of kitchen countertops, etc.

Is augmented reality real?

Augmented reality (AR) is an enhanced version of the real physical world that is achieved through the use of digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli delivered via technology. It is a growing trend among companies involved in mobile computing and business applications in particular.

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What does OTP mean in real estate?

An owner’s title insurance policy (“OTP”) insures a buyer of real property that at the time of purchase the buyer (i) has legal access to the property; (ii) is the owner of the property and no one else has a claim of ownership.

What does BOM mean in real estate?

BOM indicates a home that was in contract to be sold, but is now “Back on the Market.” “No fault of the house” may describe a situation in which the buyer lost interest in the home after a long short sale process or failed to get final loan approval, as contrasted to a situation in which the home’s inspection turned up …