How can I sell my minor property in India?

You have to file a original petition before the appropriate court for the permission of selling the suit property if the selling is for the benefit of minor child. The minors property cannot be sold without the permission from court. Even if sold it, the minor has the right to challenge it on her attaining majority.

Can a property of minor be sold?

Sale and disposal of immovable property owned by a minor

As per the provisions of the Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956, any property or share in property owned by a minor, cannot be sold or disposed of by the natural guardian of the minor, without taking permission from the court.

Can a guardian sell a minor’s property?

Can a Guardian Sell Minor’s Property? The Supreme Court in Saroj v. Sunder Singh & Ors. held that a guardian cannot sell a minor’s share in the property without the permission of the appropriate Court.

Can a minor own property in India?

Any individual, domiciled in India, who has not attained the age of 18 years, is referred to as a minor. CAN A MINOR PURCHASE PROPERTY IN INDIA? … Yes, parents can jointly buy property in name of the minor provided the contract is signed by the parent as his/ her natural or legal guardian on behalf of the minor.

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Can a minor sell a land?

You can sell your minor child’s property, provided that you have secured the approval of the court to sell the same. … She should have first secured the permission of the court before she alienated that portion of the property in question belonging to her minor children.” (Emphasis supplied).

Can my mother sell property without my consent?

Your mother can sell a property if she has purchased the same from and out of his own funds and you can not question the same. … Even if she purchased a property of of the funds from others she can not sell without getting consent of other family members if any, including you.

Can I buy a house in my minor child’s name?

Estate Questions

To be clear, it is legal to buy a property in the name of a minor (someone under the age of 18). The Title Deed will simply note that the owner is a minor. It is a simple matter to change the deed when the youngster is of age.

Can a father sell his property to his son?

The transfer of immovable property from father to son can be considered a gift. … … However, there is an exemption in case of specified relatives, which includes gifts from father to son. There is no restriction to transfer the property by gift deed or sale deed to his son or daughter by the father.

Can a minor recover money?

Position of Minor under Contract Act 1872:

Consequently, the minor is entitled to recover money which he paid to the vendor as consideration on condition that property is restored to the vendor. … Minor can be admitted to the benefit of the partnership.

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At what age can a child own a property?

A child under 18 cannot take legal title to property, so there are two ways in which the property can be held: a simple ‘bare trust’ or a more formally constituted trust, such as a life interest or discretionary trust. Under a ‘bare trust’, another person holds the title to the property as a nominee.

Can minors sell?

The common feature of the enumerated products or services is that they are illegal to actually sell to minors in California, such as tobacco, alcohol, firearms, fireworks, spray paint, lottery tickets, tattoos, or (so appropriately Californian) tanning bed services or tanning devices.

Is sale to a minor valid?

Because of limited legal capacity, when minors enter into a contract of sale, the contract is generally voidable, which is valid until annulled. … The contract is, therefore, valid but the minor has the right to recover any excess above a reasonable value paid by him.