Can my mother sell ancestral property?

Can my mother sell ancestral property without my consent?

Property purchased by grandfather and father is ancestral property. It can be sold only by all the consent of all the shareholders. 1. Mother has no right to sell the property without your written consent.

Can mother sell her ancestral property?

Your mother can sell a property if she has purchased the same from and out of his own funds and you can not question the same. But if in case where the property came through succession after the death of anyone of your family members and where she got such right in it, she can not sell it without your consent.

Can a mother sell property to son?

According to Hindu law, if the father is alive, then the mother is not treated as a natural guardian. … If the property inherited from the father is not ancestral, then the mother has no right on the son’s property. She cannot sell it or transfer the property.

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Can daughter claim mother’s ancestral property?

A daughter cannot claim her right during the lifetime of her mother. According to Hindu Law, a daughter has equal rights to a mother’s self-acquired property equally. The daughter can claim her right after the death of her mother on mother’s self-acquired property.

Who has right on ancestral property?

Also, whenever someone inherits a property from any of his paternal ancestors up to three generations above him, his legal heirs of up to three generations below him would get equal right, as coparceners in that property.

Can mother give ancestral property to son?

Your mother is the absolute owner of the property; she can transfer the property as per wish. After her demise you can challenge the will if she execute in favour of your brother alone. If he is not probate the will properly it has only scrap value.

Can my mother sell her property without my consent in India?

A. Since your mother is the absolute owner of the property by virtue of registered Sale deed which was executed by her husband, she can transfer the property without obtaining consent of the children.

How do I sell ancestral property without documents?

If you have been denied a share in your ancestral property, you can send a legal notice to the erring party. You can also file a suit for partition in the civil court, claiming your share. To ensure that the properties are not sold when the matter is sub-judice, you may seek injunction from the court in the same suit.

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Can my mother sell my father property?

Yes, your mother can sell her 75% share alone and there is no legal restraint in it. … Since your father died intestate, his 50% share in the property would devolve equally to you and your mother.

Can married daughter claim mother’s property in India?

Married daughter has equal right in the property of her mother as the son, and in case the mother dies intestate, the married daughter inherits her share equally with the son as per the Act of 1956. … Generally, relatives of mother inherit and have priority over her husband and husband’s relatives.

Who is legal heir for mother’s ancestral property?

Legal heirs are divided into sharers and residuary, with sharers getting the first share and residuary what is left. If the woman inherits property from any relative, be it husband, son, father or mother, she is the absolute owner of her share and can dispose of it.

Who is legal heir for mother’s property?

The property in your mother’s name and she died intestate, the property will devolve upon her legal heirs i.e, yourself and your father alone. You as well as your father have 50%share in it, you both can jointly sell the property.

Do grandchildren have a right to their grandfather’s property?

When a Grandchild/Grandson Can Inherit Grandfather’s Property? A grandson’s right on his grandfather’s ancestral property is by birth. It does not depend upon his father or grandfather’s death. A grandson owns a share of his grandfather’s property since birth.

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